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10 July 2009 @ 03:40 pm
Operation: Trisha's Wedding Flowers  
Last weekend found me helping out a fellow SoCal bride with her wedding flowers. Alas, her budget only permitted around $500 for flowers. Thank goodness for the LA Flower Market. We were able to get what we needed at the price we could afford. So, bear in mind, this was a DIY project, (as in I'm not a professional florist), and photos shown were taken with my camera. Hopefully, I'll get some pro photos eventually!

Bride's bouquet: sexy red roses, black bacarra roses, black magic roses, black callas, burgundy cymbidiums, black dahlias, red feather sprays and red kangaroo paws. Handle has a vintage cameo brooch that used to be her grandmother's.
Red Bride's Bouquet

Top view:

Bridesmaid Bouquets with the Toss Bouquet in the middle.
Bridesmaid Bouquets and Toss Bouquet



Smaller centerpieces for cocktail tables and sweetheart table. Consisting of sexy red roses, black dahlias, red kangaroo paws and a small feather spray.

Small red and black centerpiece

Red, white and black sweetheart table setup

Centerpieces: sexy red roses, black bacarra roses, black magic roses, red asiatic lilies, black dahlias, red feather sprays and burgundy peacock swords.


Closeup of red and black centerpiece
newfloristnewflorist on December 22nd, 2009 03:40 pm (UTC)